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  • Dog dumped for being too ‘Gross’- Adopted!!

    Remember poor little Squirrel? 🐶 Abandoned by her family after she lost her leg in a car accident, they said she was simply “too gross”…😳 Well we asked for your help, you shared and donated and just look at her now! 😍   Over and out a thankful Sidewalk Specials and a happy, happy Squirrel aka […]

  • Family dog dumped for being too ‘Gross’

    Poor little Squirrel, she had a home, she had a family then her whole life turned upside down! 😓 Deemed “too gross” to return home, Squirrel needs a lifeline! Squirrel is tiny, just under a year old, she’s good with dogs, cats and kids and is recovering beautifully! 💕   If you can offer Squirrel a home […]

  • URGENT home needed- ‘When Molly met Monty’…

    Molly’s owners left her and her brother in the yard when they went away, no food or water, only Molly survived. Monty’s owners wanted him gone and they didn’t care how. We hid them both in a stable whilst we made a plan to get them to Cape Town, little did we know they’d be a […]

  • One of our worst cases of neglect- two months later!

    Remember Angel? 🐶 Confiscated from her owners in the worst state of neglect! 😢 Well just look at what two months of T.L.C can achieve! ❤️ Many thanks to the driver, the foster, the adoptive family, to those who donated for Angel’s vet bill and to Vetpoint Dr. Reena Cotton for your time and dedication! None of it would be possible without […]

  • RIP Charlie!

    RIP Charlie, we were so looking forward to your happy ever after! 😓 But we’re glad we found you, we’re glad you didn’t suffocate to death on your short chain!   Charlie is yet another unwanted dog from Wolseley who needn’t have suffered! 😞 The fabulous Pet Heaven and Hills Pet Nutrition are now backing our Wolseley […]