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  • Old dog left behind at Adoption Day- home needed!

    Poor old Teddy, he survives ten years on the streets, his reward? Being handed in to be put to sleep! 😓 Happily for Teddy he landed on the euthanasia list we were clearing! He finally gets his chance at Adoption Day and…nothing, nada, not one single offer for him! 😳 Please share, this old man needs […]

  • Adoptions, adoptions, adoptions!!

    As Sidewalk Specials passes our 100th adoption in under nine months we’re busier than ever so please excuse four happy updates squished into one video! 😊 We are delighted, this has all been achieved with your support and sharing! We have no shelter: we much prefer your warm, loving foster homes! ❤️ We have no corporate funding: this […]

  • Terrified gentle dog- forever home needed!

    We’ve got her! The sweetest, most gentle girl ever! Safe because of you and renamed Rosie cus she’s so damn pretty! 🐶❤️ We asked for help, our fosters were full pre- adoption day, our funds were low! 😕 And just like you always do- you came through in style! 😊 Watch Rosie’s rescue and lets share, share, share […]

  • Timmy- emaciated pup needs his home!

    Little Timmy handed in to be put to sleep, emaciated and weak but so, so happy to be safe! 😊 Only one year old, super dog & human friendly, Timmy needs his home and his human urgently! 💕   He’ll be at Adoption Day tomorrow licking everyone he see’s and begging food off you we’re sure 😳 Oranjezicht […]

  • Mommy dog on euthanasia list- SOS

    Milly was only two years old when she found herself heavily pregnant and on a euthanasia list 😓 Pulled at the last moment it wasn’t soon enough to save her pups and all ten died, she was one heart broken mommy 💔 Now were hunting for a forever home who’ll show Milly humans can be kind and […]