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  • Angel needs a lifeline!

    Signing dogs up for the next sterilisation drive we come across Angel, her family want her gone and don’t care how they achieve it.. She’s only a year old but her body shows the neglect she’s suffered! 😖 Angel is why we believe in sterilisation campaigns, stopping the cycle of unwanted puppies being born into lives of […]

  • Puppy with tail snipped off needs a home

    Remember Snip? 🐶 Delivered to us in a plastic bag with her tail chopped off, she had advanced tick bite fever to boot! 😓 We prepared her foster that she may not pull through and said a prayer! ❤️ Well look at her now! 😊   Forever home needed people! Three month old female, medium […]

  • Old dog only knows one trick…

    Some dogs just get you in the feels! Lemming, the little one trick wonder, was one of them!❤️ She came to visit us last adoption day and even we were blown away by how amazing she looked! So we thought, why not, let’s tell her story! 🐶💕   As Sidewalk Specials grows and grows the finances […]

  • Puppy rescued in the worst state- look at her now!!

    Roo was rescued with a crushed foot, her owner not believing she needed a vet had treated it with salt water and left it.. for over a week!😓 Now just look at her go!! 😊   Thank you to the fosters, donators, to Bergriver Veterinary Hospital and Vetpoint Dr. Reena Cotton for their amazing care, for all the shares […]

  • ‘I could never foster it’d break my heart!”

    Meet Zoe! 🐶 Rescued from a drug den by Mitchell’s Plain Animal Welfare, she’s come to join the Sidewalk Specials clan! One year old female, super good with dogs, cats, kids! She’s got a bit of (non contagious) mange but she’s on the mend already! ❤️ Zoe’s a small terrier mix and will be at Adoption Day at Oranjezicht […]