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  • Why does nobody want to adopt me?

    Lloyd came to us as a stray, with severe tick bite fever it was hit and miss whether he’d even make it! He pulled through but when his family were found they didn’t want him anymore 😢 Please SHARE, he needs a home and he needs it fast!   Lloyds just over a year old, best suited to […]

  • RIP Charlie!

    RIP Charlie, we were so looking forward to your happy ever after! 😓 But we’re glad we found you, we’re glad you didn’t suffocate to death on your short chain!   Charlie is yet another unwanted dog from Wolseley who needn’t have suffered! 😞 The fabulous Pet Heaven and Hills Pet Nutrition are now backing our Wolseley […]

  • RIP Bat Girl.. Welcome to Wolseley!

    Welcome to Wolseley, the place you really don’t want to be a dog! We walked two streets, for one hour and look what we found! Sidewalk Specials street team are ready to launch our next sterilisation drive, we have vets who are giving up their time for free, we have volunteers ready, we have 160 […]

  • Angel needs a lifeline!

    Signing dogs up for the next sterilisation drive we come across Angel, her family want her gone and don’t care how they achieve it.. She’s only a year old but her body shows the neglect she’s suffered! 😖 Angel is why we believe in sterilisation campaigns, stopping the cycle of unwanted puppies being born into lives of […]

  • Puppy with tail snipped off needs a home

    Remember Snip? 🐶 Delivered to us in a plastic bag with her tail chopped off, she had advanced tick bite fever to boot! 😓 We prepared her foster that she may not pull through and said a prayer! ❤️ Well look at her now! 😊   Forever home needed people! Three month old female, medium […]